Mark Traband

My dad has always been a very hands on dad, there to help ….with enthusiasm to go after “My Dreams”. Prior to marrying my mom, my dad had no experience working with horses….His famous last words when they became engaged were ….”I will help you build a barn, but I have no interest in riding or caring for horses.” The son of an agricultural extension agent, my dad is very knowledgeable about farming, feed and crop & pasture management.

After attending his first horse show, as groom, my dad quickly decided that he needed to learn to ride. He has become a very accomplished rider. He enjoys competing in the adult amateur division and hopes to one day compete in the Amateur Owner division. He helps extensively with the breaking of all of the young horses at Carousel Farm. Most people don’t know this, because he mostly rides at home, but he is a really good rider. In addition to riding, my dad helped when we had breeding a stallions to handle the them for breeding. He also handles all of the farm billing and helps extensively with the farm maintenance and manageing hay making.

My dad has always been very supportive of my riding and everyone at the farm. He was very supportive of me starting Taiji Horsemanship. He does everything he can to help support me from driving the horse van to some events to helping build an office, enclose a small enclosed warehouse area and do a lounge addition to our indoor. I am very grateful to have such a great dad and all of his support.