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Inspire, educate & entertain is what I set out to do when I participate in an equine event or expo! I love to attend expos as a performer and clinician….. I have taught at a variety of events all over the country and in Canada. I have taught all kinds of things at expos from brideless riding & jumping, liberty, sensory training, roman riding to trick training. I have done a variety of performance routines in bridleless riding, hippodrome and roman riding. Performing at the 20120 World Equestrian Games was a highlight, because it was an international event. However, performing at Breyerfest was also pretty special, because they made my pony Toby into a Breyer model. However, the best thing about performing or teaching at equine expo/event is when people see me ….this young kid born with one hand doing all these things….they realize that they too can do anything they “dream of doing”. I am a solid trainer with a solid training program. I work really, really hard. But above all else I have always been a dreamer that goes after my dreams with all my heart. When people see me out there putting it all “on the line”, they are inspired to “Live their Dreams”. I consider it an amazing gift to be in a position to inspire people to “Change Lives” and inspire people to “Live their Dreams”.

Each and every day I work hard to be the best I can possibly be for my horses! I have been blessed to get some great instruction over the years from great trainers….like my mom, Elizabeth Solter, Tommie Turvey & Louise Serio. For the most part I do all of my own training of my horses! I love to teach and share what I have learned in an effort to help others be the best they can be for their horses. I taught six session at a national expo for the first time when I was 10. I held my first ever three day Taiji Horsemanship Clinic at Penn State in the November 2009, when was 11. I taught 12 topics from start to finish in three days. I think I surprised everyone. When I work with my horses I use a very consistent program with basic tools. I am committed to making sure I have prepared my horses for what I am going to asked them to do! My training methods come from everyone I have ever trained with or watched. I pick and choose and refine my training tools and exercises to find what works for me. When I was 11, I figured if I could understand and implement my methods, anyone could. On March 28, 2009, I founded Taiji Horsemanship. My goal was to share my methods to see everyone on a great journey with their horse, just like I have been on with mine.

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My name is Lizzy Traband. I am a rider, trainer, performer, competitor and clinician. I LOVE my horses. I work hard every day to be the best I can be for my horses. My horses have taken me on an amazing journey. When I am at a horse event my goal is to inspire, educate and entertain. I want to inspire & teach others how to be the best they can be for their horse, so they can be on an amazing journey with their horse and their horse be loved for the amazing animals that they are!