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Toby is the orneriest pony that I ride, but I think he is really cute.   Toby has been at our farm for 6 years.  My mom stopped at a cheap horse auction coming home from Pittsburgh one night on a lark.  Toby stepped up onto a bucket with his front feet to get her attention.  Mom fell in love with him and bought him. My dad thought she was kidding when she said I am buying that pony.  Toby was the first pony I showed on my own, the first pony I jumped on my own and the first pony to throw me over a fence on his own.  I figured he might not be the best hunter pony around, so I talked mom and dad into taking me to meet Tommie Turvey and gave him a new job as a trick pony. Requiring much less work than training for the hunters and resulting in far more admiration, Toby seems to for the most part embrace his job as a trick pony.  He certainly embraces all of the treats and attention…..he stills struggles with the work part.  He has learned to smile, say no, kiss me, bow, lie down and get up on a box.  Best of all, I can ride him tackless, without a bridle or saddle. Toby has to be the boss, which is okay most of the time. When you jump Toby, you have to ride or he will stop.    Toby can be really rotten, but it is not in a mean way.  He would never rear, buck or bite, but he has been know to take off on a detour.  He has really forced me to learn to ride, which is a good thing.   I love him a lot.  He will never leave our farm.



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