Horses-Rosie (Bridleless exhibitions)

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I love Rosie. She was sold, but things did not work out, so mom brought her home in July. She was bred, raised and trained by my mom. My mom successfully showed her at WEF and several other bigger rated shows. She was successfully shown at the International Hunter futurity, as a three and four year old. The pony that I was supposed to ride abscessed right before 4-H round-up. Rosie had just come home, so I asked my mom if I could ride her. When she came home, she was nervous and unsure about jumping, so mom was reluctant, but went along. My mom was planning for me to start riding horses just yet. Mom claims that rosie has always been a technical ride, because she is sooooo sensitive and felt she would be too technical of a ride for me. At Round-up, she came off of the trailer quiet, so mom let me jump her for the first time at the show. I wasn’t use to a big horse. At one point when she jumped, she popped me right off. Rosie stood there looking at me in my ripped Ariat breeches. Mom tossed me back up….and off we went ripped breeches and all…to actually win the hunter hack w/2 jumps class. We went on to qualify for states and finish reserve champion at 4-H states. I am little and willing to let Rosie take the lead. I think I was just what Rosie needed. She loves her new job toting me around, competing over little jumps and performing in front of crowds. She particularly likes performing, because she is a princess and loves the attention. I now ride her bridleless over jumps and all. Rosie is so ,much fun to ride. Rosie is very sweet, but very picky. she likes everything pink, just like me. She likes her saddle just so….and her bridle just so. You must visit her first in the field. Rosie goes out with Jacquoe, who absolutely adores her, but she is very bossy with him in the field. I think Rosie is glad to be home……..I know that I am glad she is home. I told mom that she can’t sell her ever again, that she needs to stay with me at our farm.


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