Regardless of what job, they will be doing, (competing, performing, trail riding, etc) sensory training is an invaluable part of our training program. In our “IN TOUCH” program, we show you how we introduce our horses to sensory items. Sensory training is not only helpful in making your horse safer, but it is also fun for both you and your horse.

A sensory course can look like a trail course, but it is not a trail course. We try to incorporate any challenging sensory items that we may run into in a competition, performance or trail riding situation that may scare a horse by the way it looks, sounds or feels into our sensory courses.

Some trainers use sacking out to get their horses used to unnatural items in their environment. With “sacking out”, the horse frequently becomes scared at some point in the process. This method works well for many trainers, but it is not a training tool that we use. I prefer not to ever intentionally scare my horse.

We do sensory training first on the ground, than mounted. Sensory training is excellent for all horses. Every one of our young horses has sensory training after they can focus and are working well on a lounge line and before we mount them. When done well, it can make any horse safer and more comfortable in any environment, which is always a good thing.

The IN TOUCH Pocket Guide

For each topic, we provide a little pocket guide. The pocket guide provides the ten steps in the presentation format for the topic being taught. In addition, we provide with keypoints for each of the step. You can take your pocket guide to the barn with you and there is even a place to take notes!
Download the IN TOUCH Pocket Guide (brochure) .

The IN TOUCH Team Taiji Quiz

At the end of each topic presentation. You can test your knowledge of the material. Completion of all of the quizzes for Introduction to Taiji Horsemanship, In Care and the “In Sync” Series earns you Certified Taiji Team member status!
Take the Taiji Team Member IN TOUCH Quiz .

The IN TOUCH Video Training Tutorials

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