Do you know what the best way is to get something done? It is to focus. The first thing we do with every horse is teach them to focus on us. Sometimes, it takes one session…sometimes several. I want my horses to learn from the very beginning that the safest place for them to be is right next to me!

Communication can only begin when they are focused. I know that they are focused when they are completely relaxed in their environment and begin to seek me out. Even with seasoned, horses, if they come down to the ring fresh and more concerned with their friends in the barn or the strange car parked by the ring, I will frequently go back to the IN FOCUS exercises until they show that they are focused and ready to go to work.

We also will utilize the IN FOCUS exercises to introduce the horse to new things like a young horses to tack, a sensory item or any horse, young or seasoned, to a whip. In the case of a whip, we want them to know that a whip is simply an extension of my hand used for communication and not something that they should fear.

Once our horses have demonstrated that they are relaxed and ready to focus, we move on in our training progression. On any given day, we might return to the IN FOCUS exercises, if needed.

The IN FOCUS Pocket Guide

For each topic, we provide a little pocket guide. The pocket guide provides the ten steps in the presentation format for the topic being taught. In addition, we provide with keypoints for each of the step. You can take your pocket guide to the barn with you and there is even a place to take notes!
Download the IN FOCUS Pocket Guide (brochure) .

The IN FOCUS Team Taiji Quiz

At the end of each topic presentation. You can test your knowledge of the material. Completion of all of the quizzes for Introduction to Taiji Horsemanship, In Care and the “In Sync” Series earns you Certified Taiji Team member status!
Take the Taiji Team Member IN FOCUS Quiz .

The IN FOCUS Training Video Tutorials

Click on any clip below and you will be directed to that clip!

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