Before mounting any horse, I want to make sure that I have basic control on the ground. Remember with Taiji Horsemanship, we are always assessing what our is is ready to do next or what exercises they may need to revisit. If a horse is distracted or fresh, I will go back to the “In Focus” or “In Control” exercises. If I am at a horse show or exhibition and do not have use of a small enclosed area, I can not use the “In Focus” exercises, however I can use the “In Control” exercises.

The “In Control” exercises are your most basic lounging exercises. However….In Control…is about about lounging it is about lounging with diligence and a purpose. When done well, lounging is very effective in getting the horse to begin to pay attention, yield to the bit and move forward off of pressure, which is similar to moving forward from your leg when riding. The greatest value of these exercises is that they give you a tool that can be used to be sure that your horse is ready to work under saddle. If they are fresh, distracted and not in control on the ground, unless, you are a very good rider willing and able to go forward immediately upon mounting. Mounting an energetic and distracted horse is not safe. I can ride through a lot of antics from my horses, but choose preparation over risk. The very basic “In Control” exercises are excellent for making sure that your horse is prepared to safe proceed with work under saddle!

The IN CONTROL Pocket Guide

For each topic, we provide a little pocket guide. The pocket guide provides the ten steps in the presentation format for the topic being taught. In addition, we provide with keypoints for each of the step. You can take your pocket guide to the barn with you and there is even a place to take notes!
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The IN CONTROL Team Taiji Quiz

At the end of each topic presentation. You can test your knowledge of the material. Completion of all of the quizzes for Introduction to Taiji Horsemanship, In Care and the “In Sync” Series earns you Certified Taiji Team member status!
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In Control Training Video Tutorials

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