Series-Bow, Laydown & Sit-up

I taught my pony, Toby how to do tricks several years ago as an alternative to being a fancy hunter pony.  Toby seemed to enjoy it and so did I.  I think Toby realized it was becoming a source of admiration for him.  I truly believe he enjoyed.  Teaching the Bow, Laydown and Sit-up needs to be done with care.  When not done with knowledge and care, you and/or your horse can get hurt.  I strongly advise the first time you lay your horse down, that you get the assistance of a professional if you are not completely confidant in what you are doing.  You may asked why I would attempt to instruct or this topis, while advising you seek out the assistance of a professional.  Preparation for teaching tricks is everything.  This preparation is also going to make your horse or pony safer and easier to handle on the ground.  Whether you actually ever lay your horse down or not, the work you will do to prepare will have long term benefits.  One of the exercises goes a long way towards teaching your horse to “freeze” should he ever become entangled in something. Lizzy


The BOW, LAYDOWN & SIT-UP Pocket Guide

For each topic, we provide a little pocket guide. The pocket guide provides the ten steps in the presentation format for the topic being taught. In addition, we provide with keypoints for each of the step. You can take your pocket guide to the barn with you and there is even a place to take notes!
Download the BOW, LAYDOWN & SIT-UP Pocket Guide (brochure) .

The BOW, LAYDOWN & SIT-UP Team Taiji Quiz

At the end of each topic presentation. You can test your knowledge of the material. Completion of all of the quizzes for Introduction to Taiji Horsemanship, In Care and the “In Sync” Series earns you Certified Taiji Team member status!
Take the Taiji Team Member BOW, LAYDOWN & SIT-UP Quiz .

Bow, Laydown & Sit-up Training Tutorial – Video Clips

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