+About Partners
Taiji Horsemanship Partners are companies that we feel sell an exceptional product.  These are manufacturers of products or providers of services that we love and know you will too.
+Special Proposition
As a Taiji Horsemanship partner, we let members of our community know about you, through our website, Taiji Horsemanship social network, newsletter, during various presentation that we at events around the country and more.
+Partners Support
If you have a great product or service that provides a great benefit to its users, we want members of our community to know about you.  It is not just providing support to you, but it also is a great service to our clients to let our clients know about products and services that may be helpful to them as well.
+Be Our Partner
If you have a great product or service, please give us a call.  We are always looking for great products and services to help us in our business.  Please know though that we are selective in who we choose to partner with.  We must believe in and love the product or service.  But if it is a great product or service, we want our members to know about it!

Company Partners