When we bought my pony Toby at an auction…..all he had been formally taught to do was to drive. He came with a cart, tack and all. I love hitching him up and driving him around the farm, particularly on Holidays. Our area is very well known for breeding some of the best Percherons in the world. We are close friends with a top farm, where I have had the opportunity to spend time watching them train for driving competitions. Regardless of what you choose to train your horse to do, I am a big believer in taking advantage of any learning opportunity presented by top horseman in any specialty, because I guarantee you will learn something you can apply to your own training. Knowledge of how to hold the reins when driving a pair of horses was helpful when I decided to roman ride my ponies. You never know when something you learned from another great horseman in a completely different specialty may come in handy in your own work with horses.