International Hunter Futurity National Finals at Kentucky Horse Park (video)

I was so proud of my babies.  I rode my two babies, Hercules & HuH and a third horse owned by a client in this competition.  They each jogged in every class.  I do all of my own training and prep.  When you take a baby to a show, everything is still new to them.  Prepping a baby can require more time and energy than prepping a seasoned horse.  I was so proud of my babies.  They showed up, accepted the change in environment and went in and “did their job”.  We found all the jumps out of a great soft rythym.  I was late with one lead change on “Hercules”…….and “Huh”, who I hadn’t schooled any changes on, because he is still growing into his body parts, gave me every change, but one.  I was originally planning to do simple change with him, so I was really pleased with this.  I purchased “Hecules” and “Huh” out of a field in Tennesse.  I wanted two babies to train and bring along.  I am  so happy with “my boys”.  I think “Hercules” is going to make a great “derby horse”  and “Huh” could be a great junior hunter.  My goal is to begin to focus on the jumpers, but I plan to enjoy the journey of bringing “my boys” along in the “hunters”.  Lizzy


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My name is Lizzy Traband. I am a rider, trainer, performer, competitor and clinician. I LOVE my horses. I work hard every day to be the best I can be for my horses. My horses have taken me on an amazing journey. When I am at a horse event my goal is to inspire, educate and entertain. I want to inspire & teach others how to be the best they can be for their horse, so they can be on an amazing journey with their horse and their horse be loved for the amazing animals that they are!

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