Be an artist..Life is a big canvas!

I love art. I love painting and creating things.  I look at life like a big art canvas.  You will find those that paint within the lines and select colors that perfectly match the colors that these objects are in real life..  I have always painted way outside the lines and in the most vibrant colors I could find.  I live my life the same way.  I don’t paint things the way that they are in a picture.  I paint things the way “I” see them.  Celebrating the energy, excitement and beauty in the things that I am most passionate about like my horses, which is ultimately what I enjoy painting the most.  Life is so similar, you can spend your life living between the lines or you can let your creativity flow and live a life that is colorful, creative and completely you.  It is a proven fact that most people go through their day doing all of the things they do, because of the fear of what may happen if they don’t.  When you look at life as a big canvas you begin to live and do things for the possibilities of ………..This is how I choose to live my life!  Lizzy