Tools to keep you safe.

Taiji Horsemanship is a training system. With this system, we try to give you the understanding of a training progression, the tools and the exercises that not only will keep you moving forward, but that will also go a long ways towards keeping both you and your horse safe . The goal is for you and your horse to always be prepared for the task at hand. We want you to know when are ready to move forward and when you may benefit from revisiting a basic skill. Not only does this result in the greatest long term results, but it helps to keep both you and your horse safe!

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My name is Lizzy Traband. I am a rider, trainer, performer, competitor and clinician. I LOVE my horses. I work hard every day to be the best I can be for my horses. My horses have taken me on an amazing journey. When I am at a horse event my goal is to inspire, educate and entertain. I want to inspire & teach others how to be the best they can be for their horse, so they can be on an amazing journey with their horse and their horse be loved for the amazing animals that they are!