Monthly Archives: June 2009

Cooks Forest Trailride

Mom and I went to Cook’s Forest to film Tommie in the little colt breaking challenge that they had. Josh Lyons, Tommie and Richie Winfield participated. They all did a really good job. Tommie and Josh had harder animals than Ritchie. Josh spent a lot of extra time to work...
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Jodons Horse Show

Our farm went to Jodons Horse Show. The farm had a great show. My dad was champion on two of his mounts and reserve champion on his third mount. Two farm clients, Jillian Woolridge and Danielle Rush, competed that day as well. They were both reserve champion in their divisions....
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Puddles Jumps Fire

I think it is really cool how Tommie jumps fire. I recently taught Puddles to jump fire. I haven’t decided how, but I am hoping to work it into an act for him. I think it looks really cool. The toughest thing is that you have to have ground help...
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